The Most Innovative Social Media Marketing Company in Bangalore

We help you effectively engage your customers on social media channels along with maximising your reach and improving brand reputation

Grow your business by effectively maintaining your social presence and engaging with audience

Reach more users online with effective and trendy social media marketing campaigns

Social media marketing company in Bangalore

Content Generation & Curation

We have some of the most creative writers generating interesting blogs and posts for your pages.

Social media marketing company in Bangalore

Channel Management

Our social media experts will manage your social media channels and strengthen your online presence.

Social media marketing company in Bangalore


We design attractive and informative creatives for social platforms targeting specific and relevant audience.

Social media marketing company in Bangalore

Content Delivery

The content is streamlined in such a way that it could strike a chord with the target audience of the brand.

Social media marketing company in Bangalore


We create surprising, interesting and intense content for you to achieve virality online. Memes, contests, news are some generally used post types.

Social media marketing company in Bangalore

Analytics & Insights

We identify KPIs and track them using analytics tools and manual methods. Areas for improvement are identified and worked on.

Solidify your presence in social media and enhance your Brand image

We ensure that you develop trust among your target audience, engage with them and build a community across all social media channels

Cost Effective

The most cost-effective part of an advertising strategy is social media marketing. By investing small amount of time and money, one can increase conversion rates.

Boost Brand Awareness

Brand recognition increases by implementing social media strategy as it helps to maximise brand's visibility, builds reputation and engages with a broad audience.

Inbound Traffic

By sharing high quality and relevant content on social media platforms, brands give users a reason to click-through the website and more inbound traffic gets generates.

The Most Innovative Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangalore

Looking to reach more people effectively and easily along with engaging your customers? Our Social Media Marketing services does just that for you. We are a group of experienced and exuberant digital marketers who specialise in employing various marketing techniques in creating strategic content for the social platforms and engaging with the relevant target audience to add a value to the brand. We manage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and lot more. Our strategies help to strengthen the online presence of a brand and enhance the relationship with customers resulting in better retention rates.

Social media marketing company in Bangalore

Brand Storytelling

We communicate the story of your Brand in a way that leaves a mark

Social media marketing company in Bangalore

Technology Knowhow

We make tech work redefining the way people experience Brands

Social media marketing company in Bangalore

Paid promotions

Promote your posts on social platforms to reach thousands of users including your current customers & website visitors

Social media marketing company in Bangalore


We design stunning marketing assets and collaterals for an integrated marketing campaign

Social media marketing company in Bangalore

Transparency & reporting

We maintain full transparency and engage in open & honest conversations with our clients

Social media marketing company in Bangalore

Effective Strategy

We develop an effective strategy that works towards achieving overall business goals

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Frequently Asked Questions

On what channels will you be posting content?

This depends on what your target audience are and on what platforms they spend time. Generally we will be posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. Based on your target audience other channels can be Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, Flickr, Youtube, etc . With our content marketing services we also post on platforms like Quora, Linkedin Pulse, Slideshare, Reddit, Digg, Stumble Upon, etc.

How many postings will be done in a month?

That depends on your requirements, the overall marketing strategy, and the package you have chosen. The frequency can be from 8 posts per month to over 100 posts per month.

Does social media helps in generating leads?

Not directly but it sure has an indirect impact. Social media helps create brand awareness which translates into leads in the long run. Also it creates backlinks to your website which helps you rank higher on search engines.

How will you know what is the best content to be posted for our industry?

We do in-depth competition analysis. Follow relevant pages, and are updated with the trends and news in your industry. This along with your help enables us to create relevant and interesting posts.

What is influencer marketing? Can you do it for us?

There are users on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin who have a few thousand to millions of followers. When they post about your brand or product you get a large number of relevant impressions. This is called influencer marketing. And yes, we can find relevant influencers for you and get in touch with them for postings.