Drive Lead And Opportunity Generation At Scale With Targeted Omni-Channel Ads

We are dedicated to increasing your Return On Investment and digital footprint while reducing your costs

We will lower your cost per conversion and boost profits

We build highly effective and innvoative campaigns that will help you maximise results from your media spend. We research the target audience, figure out the best channels to target them, and optimise budgets among the channels to ensure best results. Creative campaigns and eye catching ad banners are our hallmark.

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Search Engine Advertising

We boost your website's traffic and generate high quality leads by creating and running effective campaigns on search engines.

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Banner Ads

The ad banners are designed for your brand and displayed to the right audience to get high volume traffic in lowest cost possible.

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Remarketing Ads

We use Remarketing Ads to target the users who have already visited your website, pursuading them to get in touch.

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Video Ads

We run shopping ads on e-commerce websites. The ad gives more qualified leads as user gets the idea about the product before clicking the ad.

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IP Targeted Ads

In this, we ask other websites to display your products. You have to pay your affiliates each time they direct a user to your website.

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Pragramatic Buying

Video ads are the future. Video ads generates strong brand recall in the minds of people. We run effective video ads on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram with razor sharp targeting.

Platforms We Use

A successful and well optimized PPC campaign can get you high quality traffic and leads instantly

Google Ads

A well optimized and effectively built Adwords campaign can work much faster for a brand to get first place in search and eventually fetch you more results.

Facebook/Instagram ads

There are countless various kind of people you can target and reach through Facebook and Instagram Ads as they are one of the most powerful social ad network.


We run ads on DSPs and Ad Exchanges like Adroll, DV 360, Mediamath, etc. DSPs lets advertisers to manage multiple ad exchanges and data exchanges through a single interface

Twitter Ads

Twitter ads is a great way to reach a more financially sound set of audiences. If you are planning on running ads in Us/Europe, Twitter ads performs even better.

Bing Ads

Bing is the 2nd most popular search engine in the world. Like Google, Bing too gets you very high quality traffic from ads placed on the search engine result page.

Our Campaigns Don't Just Generate Leads, They Generate Qualified Leads

Looking to get maximum return form your media spend? We are a group of experienced and exuberant digital marketers who specialise in accelerating as well as sustaining your business growth and profits by using ad platforms such as Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. We run highly optimised and creative campaigns across channels to ensure best cost per qualified lead. We do a full audit of your website and make the best strategy depending on your current digital presence and competition scenario, to propel your brand to next level. Our strategies are customised and reporting is tailored to your needs.

PPC Secrvice Agency in Bangalore

Effective Targeting

Targeting the perfect audience requires ingenuity. Intersecting targeting parameters and smart audiences are the secret ingredients

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Programatic Buying

Its a cost effective and ROI focussed solution that provides great scale to your campaigns

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Analytics & Insights

While making sense of numbers we obtain actionable insights

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We design stunning marketing assets and collaterals for an integrated marketing campaign

PPC Secrvice Agency in Bangalore

Transparency & reporting

We maintain full transparency and engage in open & honest conversations with our clients

PPC Company in Bangalore

Market Insights

We assess the market and provide important insights to address emerging challenges and opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What channels will be used for my ads?

We decide the channels based on what digital platforms your audiences would spend time on. Your media buying budget is also a factor. We generally focus on Google Search Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads, and Twitter Ads.

How much should my budget be?

Your budget depends on the stage your business is in currently and the industry the business belongs to. The media buying budget can range from 8% to 30% of your profits. Tech product startups tend to spend more on marketing compared to traditional businesses.

I want to always rank 1st in Google. Can you do that?

Yes we can do that but its not recommended. We would prefer using automated bidding focussed at getting you best cost per conversion. Always trying to rank 1st will increase the average cost per click and get you significantly lesser traffic.

Would you be making landing pages for us?

Yes we will be making landing pages you paid ads unless we feel running ads on your website will be more beneficial. These landing pages are created by us as and when required as part of the package and we won’t be charging you extra for this.

What are remarketing ads?

When someone visits your website, watches a video ad on Youtube or Facebook, visits a lead generation form on Facebook, but doesn’t converts, we can track these users and show them ads on various channels. This keeps bringing back the users, increases retention, improves brand recall, and gets you more conversions.