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Top 7 Common Social media Marketing mistakes To Avoid

Social media has great potential for businesses that want to increase their reach, lead, and traffic. But if you do not do this properly, social media can actually damage your brand’s reputation.

7 Social media Marketing mistakes To Avoid 

#1. Present on all Social Media Network

Social media channels

If we look for more social media channels, we see more than 500 million users on Instagram and more than 100 million active users on Pinterest.

Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are ideal for interesting images and infographics.

But if your site or blog is about giving professional advice and professional article, then Twitter and LinkedIn are best.

So, The networks on which you spend the most time will be able to achieve the highest ROI for the goal. Use one or two social networks at once, try to focus on one or two networks.

#2. Posting too much together

Terrible idea to post too much at one time. People are more likely to follow you or ignore all the posts you share. It is not only on Social Media platforms but also on your Blog.

Blogging is one of the techniques of self-branding. I recommended you to read this article that why people blog.

Businesses need to use scheduling tools like SocialPilot to ensure that there is a proper time frame between tweets and posts. When it comes to Facebook, marketers can see their “insights” to see what most of their fans do online.
For a solution, Maintain a content calendar, and post a maximum of 4-5 tweets a day and 2-3 Facebook posts a day. Also, be sure to check the time of posting, post the number of updates, and be sure to have a variety of content (text posts, image posts, video posts, etc.).

#3. Same Content Posting

Similar content all the time gives people the idea that you’re boring and the brand doesn’t have much creativity.
Instead of posting one link after another and some random quotes, you should try to keep up with your audience.
When you are hung up for posting similar content, followers will lose interest.
Post creative and interesting content. You can hire a creative team for unique content that is posted regularly. This will keep your followers interested and interested in reading your posts.

#4. Adding a URL inside the description box

I notice such stupid mistakes of many brands across the web. I don’t know who is managing their social media strategy …
Never add the URL inside the description box. 
The link you posted in the details box is unnecessary. And should be removed immediately. Instead, just keep a simple and interesting description. An empty link should never take the place of an accurate description.

#5. Not Analyzing result

To optimize results, businesses should always analyze their social media marketing efforts. Whether the results are positive or negative is not considered.
More importantly, you are testing, analyzing, and understanding the test. This is very important for proper marketing promotion.
But always keep in mind that it’s not about getting more followers, likes, and comments.
You can increase the account every month, but if the effort doesn’t translate into lead generation and earnings, you probably need to change your social media marketing strategy.
So, Sit down with your team once a week and thoroughly evaluate your plan. Talk to people who can properly analyze business and marketing and help you grow your brand over time.

#6. Use images for your social media updates

People who read articles, journals, the magazine always want to see interesting and related images and infographics.

According to research, posts with images look good and perform better.
Therefore, when you post some content on social media, be sure to add a few images to it.

Not only use an image in the Social Media Platform but also use Infographics and images in Blogs.

But, Keep in mind, when you use an image in Blog, You have to Optimize your Image for SEO.

This will help you stay engrossed in your content.
For Solution, Include images when updating social media. Also, try creating albums when sharing images on Facebook as it helps to reach better.

#7. Not being updated regularly

If you continue to do this, you should change this habit immediately. A missed opportunity to shape results that are not regularly updated.
The idea here is to tweet a few things on your profile and always keep an eagle’s eye on the thought and analysis caps.
This will help you better understand your audience and let your followers know what they like and don’t like.
Solution: You must always update the page, get a proper cover photo, use good photos, and share them online. That way, people will know that your brand is constantly evolving.


By avoiding such common media mistakes, social media can certainly be expected to improve their brand. For this, you need to use all your resources wisely and regularly respond to all fans and followers.

Try to use your social media followers just like you would any other client in a physical store. This will help you avoid any serious mistakes.

Now, I want to know from you what mistakes you used to do before reading this post?

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