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5 Things Marketers Must Know Before Joining Tiktok

Before joining TikTok a person must know what TikTok really is and how it works.

What is a TikTok?

Tiktok is an app for making short mobile videos. Its video length can exceed upto 60 seconds. It has a huge music library. We just have to follow the latest trend or should make a trendy video.

A report says that Indian users almost spent more than 5.5 billion hours on TikTok in 2019. And the monthly active users have been increased by 90 per cent.

How to succeed in TikTok?

Before recording your own video, start browsing and have a look at what people are up to. Like what kind of videos are they making, what is the latest trend, how can you make your own video so that it goes viral..!!

Teenagers have a craze for TikTok. Most of the teenager’s spend a lot of time on making TikTok videos. Many of the brands are also marketing on Tiktok like Nike and Pepsi. Seeing the growth of TikTok every company should start TikTok marketing.

What can we do on TikTok?

We can watch and create videos. The size of a video in TikTok is a minimum of 3 seconds and a maximum 60 seconds. TikTok users can use their own voice for recording a video. Also, they can use pre recorded voices and sounds to make a video. Users can also go for live streaming where they can directly have a conversation with their followers. TikTok has multiple features like Visual effect, editing video and audio both, stickers, emojis and many more. There is a bio section in your profile. Adding a bio to TikTok will give a brief about your interest. You can also add a URL in the bio section.

Follow the latest trend

Many of us are familiar with the latest trend. TikTok users mostly prefer to record the most trendy videos. Latest trends have been endorsed by many celebs. People are likely to spend more time on making their own unique video. If your TikTok videos are being seen by many people, you can call it a trend. People are more into making unique videos that are liked by many tiktokers. Don’t feel shy of making videos that are unique, you can really make those videos work. And probably get many followers in just a few minutes.

A tiktoker should show their creativity to the world. Because on TikTok random and funny videos go viral more often than the simple ones. To get much more familiar with the latest trend try to see more videos, get more into TikTok then only you can succeed on TikTok. Getting followers and likes on TikTok is damn easy. The point is how creative you are..!!


Hashtags are really important for all social media platforms. Hashtags are very much important because they help in increasing your visibility. Users will easily get to know more about you. Hashtags help you in showing off your content and also increase your followers. You are not only limited to some of your followers if you use better Hashtags, the people who follow the same hashtag can easily follow you.

So, how can you find relevant hashtags for your video? You can directly search from google which Hashtags would be suitable for your particular video. Start analyzing your competitors, what kind of hashtags are they using. The most important thing is you can also create your own hashtags that will help you stand out in the crowd. For any marketing campaign, you can create your own unique hashtags.

Grab the attention

How can you really grab the attention of tiktokers? Try making some creative videos, you can also make videos on the latest trend. Make videos on the latest crisis or event by giving some sort of hidden or not so hidden message to the users. People are very much fond of sharing videos, if it’s a unique one they will start following your trend. Also, try to use the hashtags which are very much liked by the TikTok users. Create your own audio clips as you get sound attribution for that sound forever.

Community is strong

Recently there was a trend on TikTok that is hand wash challenge, most of the people were following this trend. Directly or indirectly its creating awareness about COVID-19. People are getting more closure by this, and it signifies that everyone is supporting each other and are helping each other to fight this deadly disease.

It can be a small hidden message but it should add some value. People are there to like and share your videos but you should come up with a creative idea. The best thing would be nurturing your younger audience by giving them some valuable ideas through your videos.

Creating content for TikTok

A person can make his own content for TikTok. He can just hold the plus button that allows him to record the video in his own voice, or one can use pre recorded voice for making a video. Users can also use effects and add text throughout their video to make it more interesting and look attractive. They can also download the video and can post it on Instagram and Facebook.

A TikTok user can also create inspiring videos like working out in a gym, or it can be a mom working out with her child. An inspiring video would attract more followers and people would like your video. It’s all about creativity, the way you create your video the more attention you will grab.


More creative videos you make, the more followers you will gain. Promoting your brand with TikTok influencers can be really helpful. Creating engaging videos would be more helpful in grabbing more attention. The more you innovate and put creativity into your video the more you engage your followers.

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