Few factors you need to know about internal link building

Internal linking is the important SEO tactic for publishers. In this article, we will look at important and important factors of internal link building.

What is internal linking?

Internal links are hyperlinks which target the same domain as the domain that the link exists on. These are links which go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain. They are basically used in main navigations. It is the links within article to related content.

These links are useful for three reasons:-

  • They let users to navigate a website.
  • They help to make information hierarchy for the given website.
  • They help spread link equity around websites.

Why internal link building is important?

The main reason of internal link building is that it is one of the best methods site owners can use to tell visitors which a specific page of content is important. The reasons of its importance are:-

  • It gives your audience with full reading options: let’s suppose we are writing about a new product or service from Twitter and we have written a great post on Twitter in the past and link on it. It gives context for the reader and promotes older content.
  • It helps to improve your ranking for specific keywords:  if want to rank a page for ‘search marketing statistics’, we need to point people the page using the relevant anchor text. It sends a clear signal to Google which this page is relevant to search users typing in that phase.
  • It can help Google to crawl the site: internal links in content as well as in category and tag pages helps Google to find pages more efficiently.
  • It can help you to promote events and other paid services: if we are talking about link building and we have a great speaker on covering that topic at an upcoming event, that’s a chance to promote them.

Let’s discuss some factors for internal link building

  • Anchor text: the most important things that search engines needs to take into account in ranking a page is the actual text a linking pages uses to talk about your content. If a person links to yours site with the text which will help us to rank highly for the keyword phrase.
  • Quality of the link page: the other factor to be considered is the quality of the page which is sending the link; search engines let links from high-quality, trusted pages to count more in boosting rankings that questionable pages and sites.
  • Page the link is aimed at: most of the times, people talk about your site they will link to the home page. This makes it more difficult for individual pages to achieve high rankings.
  • Unique content: to establish a strong brand and give a quality user experience, you must be required unique content. Search engines search engines purify the duplicate content tin their results. If your link has the same content as everyone else then it could be difficult to break the commodity status to become the industry or niche authority. So, it is necessary to acknowledge copied content on your link. You can make use of tools like Copyscape to find how bad your duplicate content issues across the web and within your website. You need to create unique and relevant content.
  • Crawling & indexing: when you don’t ensure that navigation is crawl able and that only important primary and sub-navigation are coded out into each page then your all efforts go into vain. But, if you put unnecessary navigation into each page, it can waste precious budget and focus. The main thing is not only to get the search engines to see all of your content and have an easy linear path to get through the depth of content in our topical areas but also to analyze the linking association between the pages based on topical relevance.
  • Use keywords in anchor text: using keywords in the anchor text is the other measure you can implement to improve the ranking of website. Using relevant terms in their anchors is a simple way to increase topical relevance. Add an internal link to take advantage of the forgotten method of link building.
  • Place links within pages’ main content: the links placed on the main content have a higher SEO value than the ones in the header and footer, sidebar. On the other hand, add new information and value to the text. Moreover, the text and keywords surrounding a link also matter for the linking of the target page.


We hope that you have learnt what internal links are and why it is important, what are the factors to be considered for internal link building. Internal link factors can have a major impact for your rankings if you implement them right.

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