5 Link building mistakes you should avoid

SEO is essential for all websites to get organic traffic and even customers without spending money on the ads. 

But it takes some time and effort to get results in SEO. There are some important ranking factors to consider while working on SEO to improve your rankings. 

Among the various factors, link building is vital to consider to increase your rankings and credibility. But building quality backlinks is not an easy to do job, as it requires time to do research and effort to create a quality one. 

But some people are doing it the wrong way, which affects the credibility and SEO of the website. 

Following are some of the vital link building mistakes to avoid;

  • Buying links
  • Focusing on quantity instead of quality
  • High link velocity
  • Anchor text overloading
  • Links from low-quality irrelevant sites

Buying links:

This is a no-no way to do backlinks. You might get many backlinks by buying links from some websites. 

There is a chance of getting banned by the search engines for buying links. And if you want to build a reputation for your brand, never make this mistake.

Because Google wants to show their users what they have to the search engine, if you are buying links to increase the rankings, you’re providing something irrelevant to the searcher. If search engines found out about this, then you’ll get penalized by Google. 

Focusing on quantity instead of quality:

Quality, why everyone is speaking about this, and for link building also why you’ve to do quality links? 

If you want to know why quality is more important than quantity, hear this one. Marcus Taylor created an experimental website and did 10,000 backlinks for that site in one day. Guess what? They started ranking in the first place within weeks. But within the next few weeks, their website is not even showing for the brand search also.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do more backlinks; you have to balance creating links. Most of the pages ranking in the top positions have backlinks from high-authority sites.

Create a link-building strategy to get different types of links. Do backlinks by creating good content and post them in forums or directories, by commenting in blogs or forums. By doing this kind of different kind of backlinks, you’ll get diversified links that sound natural. 

High link velocity:

Usually, it takes time to build quality links, but if you are doing it in a faster way, that’s called high-link velocity. 

So, why is it wrong to have a high-link velocity?

Consider you are launching a new website or a blog and creating content regularly. Fewer people will view your site or read your content at the beginning stage, which means you’ll get fewer backlinks.

Once your site’s readership grows, your backlinks or the links pointing to your site will also grow eventually. This is how the natural backlink process looks. 

Never increase the velocity of your backlink building to avoid getting penalized by Google. 

Anchor text overloading:

The process mentioned above is one kind of backlink spamming, and one more way to spam the backlink process is by overloading your anchor text. 

The referring source uses anchor text to tell the visitors and search engines about their website or what they refer to. 

The angular text should contain the keywords that you are working on or the name of your brand. 

If you do all the backlinks for one keyword, search engines consider it an over-manipulation of links. This might lead to penalization of your website, which might affect your rankings.

With the Panda 3.4 update, Google announced having too many exact anchor links is one of the unnatural link building.

Try related key terms or LSI keywords or the brand name while doing backlinks to avoid conflicts.

Links from low-quality or irrelevant sites:

Don’t do backlinks or link your site to spam websites that contain spam content or copied content. 

Why? Because linking your website to a site with a bad reputation or low-quality content will make a wrong impression about your site to the crawling spiders.

To avoid the impacts caused by linking to these kinds of sites, check the backlinks of your site and disavow those links.


SEO is a long-term process, which means you should work on the ranking factors for some time to see the results. 

The points mentioned above will give fast results, but you’ll encounter these mistakes’ negative impact. 

Instead of making these mistakes, focus on providing quality content and value through your product or service. You’ll get good results by providing what a user wants.

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