5 Tips to Improve Your Ads Quality Score

The world of digital marketing/online marketing has changed a lot in recent years. There are so many ways like Google ads, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing to drive traffic to your website, find your next customer, and grow your business.

To get customers and grow your business organically without spending money demands a lot of time. That’s when Google ads come to the rescue as one of the best-paid advertising methods.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising program by Google, which helps the business reach customers by spending money for every click your ad gets. The ads work on a pay-per-click basis; whenever someone types the keyword for which your ad has been optimized, then the ad will appear in the search results, and when someone clicks the ad, the money will be debited from your Ads account.

There are five kinds of ads you can run from your Google Ads account;

● Search Ads

● Display Ads

● Shopping Ads

● Video Ads

● Application Ads

Why does your business need Google Ads?

With Google ads, you have the advantage of showing your ads to relevant people at the right time and location.

The following are some of the benefits of using Google Ads;

  • Target your ads based on demographics, devices, age, keywords, and   much more
  • Have control over the money that you want to spend on the ads.
  • Build awareness about your brand and get faster results compared to SEO.
  • Increase your ROI by implementing different bidding strategies

What is Quality Score?

Quality score is the quality estimation of your keywords, landing pages, ads, and relevance. This score is used to decide the cost per click (CPC) and your ads’ ranking in the auction process.

The quality score is stated on a scale of 1 to 10, where you’ll get a higher quality score when your ads, keywords, click-through rate (CTR), and landing pages are relevant to the users/visitors.

The quality score number estimates your ads’ performance in the auction process; meanwhile, the real-time quality score is more than just a number that is not shared with anyone as it fluctuates and differs for every search that happens on Google. A good quality score for your ads will benefit in seizing better ad ranks and lower bidding costs.

Quality score is an important factor considered by Google to sort the ads for auction, ranking, and most importantly, to decide the ads’ CPC.

The following are some of the most effective ways to increase your quality score;

Organize your campaigns into targeted ad groups:

The relevancy between the search inquiry and your ads will be improved if you regulate your campaigns into targeted ad groups. Setting up a campaign with numerous ad groups that contain specific and relevant keywords will be a challenging task, but it’s worth it when you start seeing the positive results.

Don’t simply put all your keywords in one or two ad groups. Try to create different ad groups with keywords relevant to your ad group. Take your time to plan and design the campaigns and ad groups with a target audience, keywords, and other such factors to improve your ad’s relevancy.

Optimize your ad copy:

Optimizing the ad copy is another way to increase the quality score of your ads as it includes keywords for which you want your ad to be seen by the searchers. But the keywords you use in the ad copy should be relevant to your ads. This will also help you in getting better click-through rates for your ads.

Before adding keywords to your ad copy, do some research to find the type of keywords being used in the search and how much relevant that keyword is to your ad.

Improve your landing page:

Landing pages are the first opinion of your business to visitors or future customers. So it has to be designed to fulfil the requirements of those who come to visit your website. You can increase the conversion rate by adding content with keywords on the landing page that must be relevant to each ad group.

Since it is challenging to create and manage a landing page for each ad group, you can add the relevant keywords to that single landing page. When a visitor comes to your website by clicking the ad, and you are providing the solution for their needs, there is a high chance that they will convert into a customer from the visitor.

Try using negative keywords:

By adding negative keywords to your ad groups, you prevent your ads from showing up to the irrelevant keywords/searches. You are creating ads to get your ads in front of people when they type the keyword in your ad group. You are doing this to gain prospects and customers.

You might be wondering how this will help in increasing the quality score of your ads.

If your ad is not showing to people who are not in your ad group, then your ads’ click-through rate (CTR) will increase. This is how you will improve your ads’ quality score by adding negative keywords to your ad group.

Faster loading time:

There is also one more vital factor to be considered when optimizing your landing page, and that’s the loading time.

Think if you are visiting a website for the first time and when it takes a lot of time to load or to show the content on the page. Will you wait for the page to load? No, right.

Since there are a number of options for your visitor, it is your duty to keep the visitor to stay on the page.

That’s why your landing page’s loading time has to be faster to minimize the bounce rate.

The following are a few reasons for the long loading time of your website, and this is how you can increase the page speed loading;

● Meta refreshes

● Slow redirects

● Multiple redirects

● Interstitial pages

● Slow server

● Large page size


Before you start working on the factors to improve your ads’ quality score, you have to figure out what elements need to be improved. Plan accordingly to work on the factors that are lowering your quality score.

Ensure that the visitors are getting what they want because that’s the only way to convert them into a customer. Most importantly, keep working on your ads for better results and performance by tracking your keywords, quality score, and Google’s algorithm changes.

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