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The Advent of Marketing Technology and its Implications on Digital Marketing

How is marketing technology changing the face of digital marketing in India? And why should you be on board if you are investing your marketing budget on online channels.

Marketing technology, or MarTech as they call it is the most recent innovation in the digital marketing field with serious ramifications for all businesses. MSMEs are most affected as they rely heavily on digital marketing as opposed to large companies which can invest in traditional media and television ads. Anyone not on board is not only going to miss out but also risk being left behind while the competition excels. Marketing technology is a holistic term covering many types of tools aimed at executing and automating various marketing tasks. They not just make the life of a digital marketer easier by automating tasks but also opens the doors to new possibilities and makes an organisation execute marketing in a way that was never thought to be possible before. To give you a sense of what kind of capabilities we are talking about here I’am going to explain a few types of high impact Martech tools.

Marketing Automation Tools

In most simple terms, marketing automation tools automate repetitive marketing tasks. Automation tools are capable of sending very personalised messages to the target audience (leads or customers) at scale. This helps in lead nurturing and retention. So, as you can see, these tools not just makes the job easier for a marketer, they open up doors to new possibilities and enable marketers to do things that are impossible to do manually. Businesses using marketing automation effectively generally see a much higher lead to customer conversion rates and retention rates. Some of the best automation tools are-

  1. Salesforce Pardot
  2. Oracle Eloqua
  3. Marketo
  4. Hubspot
  5. LeadSquared (An Indian Company)
  6. Active Campaign

Data Management Platforms

DMPs or Data Management Platforms act as a repository of data for an organisation. A DMP can collect data from almost any source and store it at one place to form a bigger picture of customer journeys and helps in delivering a more relevant marketing experience to customers. Data Management Platforms can integrate with other MarTech tools like marketing automation tools, and websites, to enhance the customer experience at every touchpoint with the valuable insights they provides. Adding AI based data science tools like Salesforce Einstein to DMPs helps understand previously unnoticed patters and provides a business with unmatched actionable insights. For any big business this combination is the future and businesses without it will be at a great disadvantage. Some of the best DMPs are-

  1. Salesforce DMP (Formally known as krux)
  2. Oracle DMP (Bluekai)
  3. Adobe Audience Manager
  4. Onaudience DMP
  5. Lotame
  6. Terminal One Marketing OS

Customer Data Platform

CDPs are basically the B2C version of a data management platform. It collects customer data from multiple sources and creates a unified view of the customer journey at all the touch points. This helps businesses to understand their customers better and draw actionable insights from the data. This data can then be used in other platforms to create highly personalised messaging. Customer Data platforms are a must for Ecommerce businesses and other B2C companies that generates direct business on their website. Here are some of the best CDPs-

  1. Hull
  2. Exponia
  3. Mapp
  4. Zaius
  5. Optimove

Customer journey Builder

These types of tools helps create a seamless and smooth customer experience across all the marketing touchpoint. A journey builder gives a marketer a way to create an integrated customer journey flow across multiple channels like email, ads, social media and display ads. Here are a few powerful journey builders-

  1. Oracle Responsys
  2. Salesforce Journey Builder
  3. Adobe Customer Journey
  4. Mapp Engage

Marketing Cloud


Many of the products mention in the above sections are part of a marketing cloud. A marketing cloud is made up of multiple marketing technology products integrated together to ensure a seamless experience, doing away with integration and compatibility issues. Any large company looking to invest in a portfolio of marketing technology products should go for a marketing cloud. Here are some of the best and most comprehensive marketing clouds available-

  1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  2. Oracle Marketing Cloud
  3. IBM Watson Marketing
  4. Marketo
  5. Mapp Cloud
  6. Hubspot

As you can see some of these tools are immensely powerful and are adding new dimensions to the scope of online marketing and the results digital is expected to drive. Businesses implementing these tools will have a winning edge over the ones who are not. Although these tools are very helpful for any organisation in taking their marketing efforts to the next level, the tools are only as effective as the people implementing and using them. Even a very powerful tool turns out to be not generating expected results if the man behind the wheels is not skilled. There are just a few digital marketing companies in India that are capable of implementing a complex marketing cloud and driving results from it. Bangalore being the silicon valley of India, digital marketing agencies in Bangalore are doing specially good in MarTech implementation.

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