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How To Design Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business

To accomplish your business goals, you need to be up-top. Times are changing, and so should your marketing strategies, for flyers, billboards and print are quickly moving off the preferential list of marketing methods for businesses. At any single minute, the number of people online surpasses the number of people that may come in contact with a newspaper ad or a poster. That is why companies are moving fast to create their digital presence. The digital landscape keeps changing. The amount of growth cannot be quantified with simple numbers, with this, come opportunities and challenges in equal measure. It can quickly overwhelm you with the ever-increasing responsibilities. To survive in this complex pool, you need to create a successful guide to how your marketing shall be conducted digitally, and how to make it agile, flexible and efficient to keep and grow your online presence. Below are the steps you can follow:

Formulate your buyer personas

Before proceeding with market campaigns, it is crucial to begin by knowing your target market first. Buyer personas will enable you to organize your target audience for a stronger marketing brand. Creating personas involves data collection. You can carry out interviews, surveys, research, and purchasing the data found on their search histories on the browser. The information you obtain from your data collection methods needs to be accurate since it is the one that will inform the marketing strategy. The strategy mirrors the clients’ behavior, be it prospective customers or one who is far out. Your strategy needs to be point-on and accommodative at the same time since the business shall grow and needing more customers. Your web analytics are capable of pointing you in the right direction about your search traffic. Whether you are running a buyer to buyer kind of business or buyer to seller, there are details you can always fish by observation. For instance the job title of the client, age and average disposable income. Client’s goals, hobbies, priorities, challenges, and overall qualitative client information can be obtained by surveying, interviewing, etc.

Align your business goals and the tools required

The marketing objectives and achievements should always be in line with the goals of the business. The success of a digital marketing strategy should be directly reflected on the business performance. This is the only way to measure success in relation to the company’s performance. This is the only way you get to know if the marketing tools were suitable or not.

Evaluate your channel options

You will obviously need to incorporate your assets in your digital marketing strategy. Therefore, categorize the assets and marketing channels at your disposal. Your assets can be owned, earned or leased. So, use these categories to gather your insights on the suitability of an asset in your endeavors. Owned assets involve those that your company has exclusive rights to. This can include a website, blog content, social media accounts, imagery, etc. Earned media, on the other hand, involves the recognition you receive for PR work, customer experience, guest posting, etc. Paid media is a cost-related online bus, where you receive the service after parting away will lower pocket change than you had. So, you paysites like Google ads, or paid social apps, sponsored ads, etc.

Audit and arrange your media campaigns

Your business content such as eBooks, blog posts, podcasts, infographics, product descriptions, etc. are crucial digital marketing media which is at the central point of your advertising strategy. Your site content is capable and is the main tool used to convert clicks and visits into customers. At the same time, if the content is well arranged and quality-oriented, it can pull you to the top of SARPs thereby improving online traffic on your wall. Since your content is will need optimizing to be posted, you need to look at the SEO principles. Your chances of arriving and staying at the top depend on it. And, whether or not you do it, your strategy remains only relevant if some of these requirements are met. Audit your content according to the strategy you need to formulate. If the goal of the company is to improve visits, then owned content that normally is on the site such as the “about us”, is irrelevant. Auditing content lets you know what is working and what is not in a bid to create a successful strategy based on the goals you intend to achieve in the future. After auditing, you can then plan on how you can generate content regularly to keep your site busy, interactive and informative, attracting more visits. Basing on the objectives and the outlined gaps in your line of business – which you get from data collection, you can now create content that is spot-on on these gaps. In the same line, you ought to go through your paid media platforms to know those that are perfect for your strategy. Some media platforms can be effective better than others. If Twitter is not working, maybe its time you shifted focus to any other campaign platform.

Incorporate your digital marketing strategy tools

After preparing your pieces, it now time to assemble your gear into a single spreadsheet that will give you a vision of what you will be dealing with in the future. This is the digital marketing strategy that contains a list of your media assets – owned, paid and earned, strategy-specific goals, audience personas, audits and plan of the media assets. These aspects you have assembled will inform the actions and steps you take in the future regarding digital marketing.

The bottom line

A digital marketing strategy is a company outline for a series of events that a company shall be involved in within a specific period in order to achieve specific marketing goals via digital means. There are three main marketing platforms, categorized as owned, paid for or earned. Just like any other strategy, there are three parts to it: the diagnostics, precise plan on dealing with problematic occurrences and actions that are targeted ar accomplishing the strategic policy. In this guide, you have been tasked with all these three pieces of the puzzle all in complete five steps.

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